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Welcome to Our Practice!

We want your visits with us to be as pleasant, comfortable and informative as possible. If at any time you have questions or needs to be addressed, please ask any team member. Everyone is happy to help or will find someone who is able to help answer your questions and fulfill your needs.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality and state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment in a pleasant and friendly environment. Our team is always looking for the best techniques and materials to incorporate into our orthodontic services. These include using very high quality American-made braces that are precision engineered to deliver safe, yet rapid controlled movement of the teeth. We also use the best laboratories in the country to fabricate appliances and retainers. Digital radiography (X-rays) is used to reduce radiation and to remove environmental concerns associated with traditional radiography. Additionally, we use special coatings on the teeth to help protect the teeth from decalcification and decay. During treatment, we will monitor your oral hygiene and dental health and evaluate the progress of your orthodontic movement.

Thank you for choosing our team to provide orthodontic care to you and your children. We look forward to working together for a beautiful and healthy smile!